Since 1966 Vätternrundan has been carried out every year in the month of June. That time of year many consider the most beautiful in Sweden. Through the years Vätternrundan has rounded Sweden’s second largest lake 530 000 times and the 300 km is now legendary.

Vätternrundan is considered a great challenge and the interest is high. About 23 000 people will be able to enroll, but that is the limits due to security and the goal to be able to maintaine the high quality that our approximately 4000 volunteers delivers.

By training and preparing for the race the participants not only improve their fitness and feel better, they also expose themselves to a great challenge that is a major achievement to execute.

The race is attractive and will be will be filled very quickly, it is many cyclists great goal every year. 2016 Vätternrundan was filled in just over a minute!

In 2015 Vätternrundan turned 50 and three riders have completed all 50 editions. About 50 nations are represented in the race and participants from Germany, Norway and Denmark are the majority. Approximately 15% of the participants are women.

Along the path there are nine depots where food, drink, service, assistance, massages, first aid, etc is offered.

The ride extends over a period of about 29 hours and most of the starts are at night. This provides opportunities for amazing experiences that nature offers, sunset, sunrise, mists over lake Vättern, smells and visual impressions during the early morning hours that rarely can be experienced if you don´t cycle Vätternrundan.

Through the years, the organization has evolved and today also arrange Tjejvättern,Halvvättern and Minivättern.

Tjejvättern only has women participants and gather each year about 6000 cyclists, the course measurs 100 kilometers.

Halvvättern has about 40% women and 60% men in the line-up, a total of approximately 7000 participates, the course stretches over 150 km.
Mini Vättern is the race for all children between six and ten years.

In 2016 a mountain bike race MTB-Vättern was introduced and overall we had welcome about 37 000 participants and about as many companions to Motala!

Race details

  • Where. Motala – SE

  • Date. June 12/13th, 2020

  • Participants. 22,000+

  • Organization. Motala AIF/Vätternrundan

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